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Above the Clouds

I help Super Mom Cancer Survivors rebalance their bodies, minds, and Spirits after 
treatment so they can Thrive and live their best lives!​

Have you, or someone you know, undergone treatment for cancer? Has it left you wondering how you are going to "get used to your new normal"?

My name is Athena Larsen, and I help cancer survivors become cancer *thrivers*, discover themselves again, and find that they can now live their *best* lives by guiding them on a Healing Adventure.

Perhaps you feel like you have been left weak or in pain after chemo. Perhaps you feel like you aren't enjoying "your new normal." Perhaps you feel like you have already tried it all to feel like yourself again. Perhaps you are struggling with the fear of relapse. How do you find the hope you need to move forward with your life and find the joy in life again?

By embarking upon a Healing Adventure equipped with true root source healing. If you're interested in learning how to utilize your body's innate healing abilities to heal, rebalance yourself, decrease fear and anxiety,  live in harmony with yourself, and live your very best life, then click the button below to get started on your Healing Adventure today!



"My biggest concern was feeling ok after I ate my meals and not gassy and bloated. Through working with Goddess Health I have been consistent with eliminating foods and not feeling so gassy and bloated after every time I eat! Goddess Health has given me the tools to better help my gut health."

Beth F.S.

What I truly love about Dr. Athena Larsen is how passionate she is about what she does. She has helped me be a better me. Helped my spiritual being know myself worth.

I also like how my kids have Incorporated some of the skills she has taught me as their own and that is a wonderful thing.

I can not thank her enough for the help she continues to give me.

Jessica Barron

I used to develop terrible Eczema on my feet when I ate dairy, but her advice allowed me to completely reverse the damaged skin, now my feet are healed.

(Her advice worked better than all the creams and steroids which were prescribed to me by my PCMs)

Her advice has never steered me wrong.

Three cheers for gut health!!!

Joshua M.

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