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Hi there,
I'm Athena Larsen

Dr. Athena Larsen, DPT is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and Leukemia Thriver who guides those who have been diagnosed with and treated for cancer on an unforgettable adventure of health, rediscovery, balance, and joy so that YOU can THRIVE and be the best version of yourself living your best life!


She is the founder and CEO of Goddess Health, a health and wellness business that guides cancer survivors on their adventures towards their best life. She personally manages each client case and has been able to consistently assist each client to reach their healing goal and help them thrive.

She looks forward to serving you and guiding you out of your frustration, pain, hopelessness and into the light of your best life. 

Embark upon a journey that will empower you and get you to your best life with tried and true strategies to heal your body, calm your mind/emotions, and elevate your Spirit. On this journey you will have someone truly listen to your concerns, your pain, your frustrations and actually provide you the skills you need to overcome your health challenges so that you can shine YOUR LIGHT in this world.

So, if you want to:

✓ Decrease inflammation/pain
✓ Decrease digestive discomfort
✓ Eliminate headaches
✓ Eliminate swelling
✓ Reverse or reduce chronic conditions

✓ Improve sleep and restfulness

✓ Improve healthy eating

✓ Improve healthy lifestyle

✓ Increase JOY

✓ Increase energy

✓ Decrease stress

✓ Develop healthy coping strategies for stressful events

✓ Be the best version of YOU for yourself, family, and friends

Then call for a FREE consultation TODAY

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