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Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Here are some tips for being able to work health into your busy day!!

1) Meal Plan weekly!

Take one day a week to plan the WHOLE week for meals! And be prepared to stick to it!! My favorite way to meal plan is to set each day with a fun food label!!

Meatless Mondays

Taco Tuesdays

Whole, Raw Wednesdays

Thrifty Thursdays (this is Leftover night!!)

Fish Fridays

Special Saturdays (your family's favorite dinner!! Get the family involved!)

Super Sunday

2) Prep food one day a week for the whole week!

I pick Sundays for prep day. My husband and I get together and chop veggies and meats and put into gallon freezer bags. The bags get labeled with what it is, the date, and the directions to make the dish. This is fantastic method for crockpot meals. Just dump the contents of the bag into the crockpot and go!

If you aren't planning crockpot meals, you can still utilize this day to chop and prep veggies and meats so that you can just begin the actual cooking process when you get home from work or begin making dinner after your super busy day!!

3) make extra when you cook and store in the freezer for next week!

Make extra each time you cook so that you can save half for the next week! You will then have meals all ready for next week too! Casseroles are fantastic for this method! As are soups or pasta dishes. If you are gluten-free, there are some fantastic gluten-free noodles out there now! Including sweet potato, chickpea, seaweed and more!

4) make crockpot meals that you can start in the morning and it'll be ready for dinner when you get home!

Your crockpot is invaluable when if comes to meal planning and ease of prep. You can set it when you leave for the day and come back and just sit and eat dinner! I have a whole pinterest board full of crockpot meals and meal planning! Just search crockpot meals and you'll get a ton of results! Save the recipes that you love for ease of dinner ideas!

5) Get the family involved!

My husband and I love prepping and cooking together! It really helps us connect at the end of the day and spend some time together. My daughter loves to join in sometimes too!!

For meal planning, my daughter loves the feeling of being able to provider her input for what we will be making and eating. She enjoys going grocery shopping with us too. The more you get the family involved, the less you have to do and the more they feel included. It's fun for the whole family!

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