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No More Just "Surviving" - It's time to THRIVE

We all need help sometimes…

Even with our health and body functions!

That’s why supplementation became such a strong practice for the health and vitality of all beings (including our pets!).

These 4 supplements are my top GO-TO supplements for any cancer survivor looking to:

  • Increase energy

  • Reduce pain

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Heal digestive upsets (gut bugs!)

  • Boost the immune system

  • Help absorb nutrients,

  • Improve sleep

  • Balance your hormones

  • And more!

The top supplements, below, I recommend for everyone who is undergoing cancer treatment… and have tested myself!

I recommend these to my clients. They cause no interactions, improve feelings of wellbeing, increase energy, AND give you a power boost because you know that YOU are doing what it takes to heal, rather than sitting on the sidelines and just having to receive treatment.

So here they are: (with helpful links for your convenience ;) )

Why? The powdered drink, Slim, affectionately referred to as “pink drink”, increases your good gut bugs (that’s the microbiome) by feeding it PREbiotics. In case you aren’t yet aware, your gut microbiome is the root of your health. And Chemo (unfortunately) wipes it out. So replenishing your gut microbiome is more than necessary! The pink drink increases the beneficial bacteria that heals the gut as well as the beneficial bacteria that boost the immune system, help absorb nutrients, improve sleep, and balance your hormones.

Then there is the magnesium blend, BioCleanse, which is a gentle internal cleanser (keeps you pooping!!). Staying bowel-regular is a MUST to cleanse out toxins accumulated from chemo as well as the toxins you carried with you prior to chemo. Those are the ones that participated in you developing cancer. Remember that aspects of our previous life contributed to the development of cancer, so lets cleanse them out so that we can leave the fear of cancer behind and truly heal!

And the third of the Triplex is the ProBio5, which is a probiotic that also helps kill off any overgrowth of non-beneficial bacteria that is keeping your energy low. The non-beneficial bacteria is opportunistic. So that means when chemo wipes out your gut bacteria, if you aren’t eating to feed the beneficial bacteria (remember PREbiotics), guess who takes over?? That’s right, the non-beneficial bacteria. And that’s because You are likely feeding them!! Especially if you, like me, heard from your oncology nutritionist/dietician “eat ice cream and cheeseburgers”!

So support your gut microbiome!!

Why? This supplement is a precursor to glutathione, which is essential of the immune system and repairing your body, as well as a super important antioxidant that participates in your body’s elimination system (you have to get ride of the toxins!)

What’s the difference between NAC and Cysteine? Well Cysteine is what the body produces and utilizes to make glutathione. And of course scientists couldn’t paten it, so they developed NAC in the lab. There are more studies on NAC as a result.

However, studies do show that it is very beneficial for radiation damage. The topical cream can be used to heal radiation burns. And taking NAC internally has been shown to reduce radiation side effects.

Why? The one little herb packs a punch when it comes to supporting and strengthening your liver. Why would you want to strengthen your liver, you ask? Because it is the detoxification powerhouse of your body!! Especially after chemotherapy and radiation, your body needs to detoxify all of those… well, toxins! Milk thistle helps with this.

Studies show that milk thistle supplement improves liver function, reduces liver inflammation, and can even reduce damage to the liver.

With all of that chemo and radiation (if you had it as part of your treatment plan) is going to take a toll on your body. Especially considering your prior-to-cancer-toxin load, which we don’t know but can make estimates at since cancer itself is a mis-functioning of the immune system and the immune system is damaged by toxin load….. see that vicious cycle there?? Get this herb on board and reap the healing benefits!

#4 Dandelion Root (Tea or capsules)

Why? Supportive to both the liver and the kidneys, Dandelion root just HAS to make the list!! Dandelion is a natural diuretic (meaning makes you pee! And gets rid of excess water in the body). Dandelion also helps to detoxify the liver AND, in a promising study for us cancer survivors, dandelion root extract was shown to induce cell death of melanoma (that’s skin cancer) cells without hurting the healthy cells! (This was also shown in a study that was done on pancreatic cancer cells. Oh, what amazing healing benefits herbs have!)

There you have it!

BUT a word of consideration:

Supplementation is just that - supplementation! Which means that by definition they are meant to support, not be the only thing that we do in order to gain health and wellness.

You see, health and wellness is an everyday thing. It’s in the food that you eat, the thoughts that you think, and what your feed your mind and spirit on a daily basis.

Supplementation comes to support the efforts of eating healthy food, thinking supportive thoughts, and feeding good, positive things to our minds and spirits.

(Otherwise, there is this thing I call “supplement mentality", where someone thinks supplements are the cure and then ends up not believing in supplements because they didn’t use them for the intended purpose.)

Supplements can be a powerful method of healing in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, supportive thinking, and spiritual connectedness (whatever that means for you! It’s different for everyone!)

So how do we avoid “supplement mentality”?

By doing the hard work and looking at our lives and reflecting upon what is benefiting us and where we need to make changes for the better.

But that’s tough to do!

And that’s why I became a cancer coach. To help you through the hard things.

Believe me when I say: “There is something you can do. There are actions you can take. And you can be the leader of your healthcare team.” (Yes even your oncology team!)

Because YOU know your body best. I encourage you and invite you to take back your power and not let anyone take it from you.

If you are ready to stop just surviving, take your power back, and are ready to THRIVE, then click HERE to get started on your healing journey!

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